Accueil Non classé How to set up Your Cannon EOS 2000D or Digital rebel T7 DSLR Camera

How to set up Your Cannon EOS 2000D or Digital rebel T7 DSLR Camera


Setting up the Cannon 2000D or T7

The Battery

The first thing you need to do is to fully charge your battery. Everybody wants to put the battery on and take pictures instantly, but you should really fully charge your battery first. By fully charging and then draining your battery as you use it, use extend the life span of the battery. It only takes three or four hours. Then put the battery into the camera towards the bottom of the camera. If you look at the battery then you see that there are electrical connectors on one end and there is a Cannon logo on the battery, to put the battery in properly, you have the connectors facing the camera and the logo facing you and it should go in. Like most modern batteries it will only go in one way so if it doesn’t go in very easily then the you have got it in the wrong manner around. When it gets into it will click with the clip towards the bottom that keeps the battery in and when you want to take the battery out you just undo-options the clip and it bounces out

The Memory

The second thing to do is to include your memory. Most professionals tend to use SanDisk memory cards because they will offer a lifetime guarantee for the card. It is worth allowing for, though, that they’re going to not replace the content on the card. So if you a 16 gigabyte card and you’ve got 10 gigabytes of information videos and stills on it and then it becomes dangerous they will only replace the card. It really is necessary to have somewhere where you can keep these pictures and videos permanently and safely and that translates to an external hard drive. Like the battery, the card has electrical conductors and possesses the logo on the front and if you input it this way so your logo faces you and it assumes the small position above the battery then you can just slide it in. endzone camera reviews

Attaching the Lens

The next thing you need to do is put on the lens. The Cannon 2000D or Digital rebel T7 is an APS-C camera which means it is a harvest frame camera. There are two types of 35mm DIGITAL CAMERA camera — full-frame or harvest frame. The Cannon EOS 2000D is a harvest frame camera which means that the sensor is slightly smaller and cheaper — and so are the contact lenses. However, it can still take professional quality pictures and videos. This camera will take either EF-S or EF contact lenses but the recommended lens group for the Cannon Digital rebel T7 is the EF-S group of contact lenses. When you change your lens, try to keep the camera tilted so that dust and dirt can’t drop with it. This is because the sensor inside of the camera is very sensitive and if it gets dust and dirt on it then it will damage the sensor and affect your pictures and your videos. It is also incredibly difficult to clean. And once you change lens try to do it quickly. Quietly of the lens you will see a white sq and if you look on the mount ring on the Cannon T7, you will see a white dept of transportation. You just need to get married to those up and turn the lens clockwise unless you hear them click together. Once it has made itself known yet it means it is fixed onto the camera and because it is an EF-S lens it is now able to communicate with the camera and so it will help with autofocus and auto exposure.

The Menus

When you want to type in the menus in the camera it is very important to make sure that you are on Manual Mode and the reason for that is anytime you press menu button, you get all the menu tabs going across the top. If you were on a different semi-automatic or a completely automatic option proper you press the menu options you don’t get all the tabs going across the top. When you first turn on your camera for the first time the screen will ask you to set the date the time zone and the language. The date and time information will be added to the metadata for each image that you shoot. You can change this data with the cross keys and pressing set. Once you have set the time and date you can set the date format either great britain version or the us version. Oonce you have decided the one you want you press that again and then you go on to sunshine saving time and you go about the time zone and region once everything is correct you can just press OK. If you want to return at any time to change the time the date or the language you will find them in SETUP BILL 2.

Format your Memory

If you have a new card or a card you’ve extracted from a previous camera, it is really important to format it so your card and the camera will work together. The way you do that is by pressing menu button and then go to SETUP TB 1 and here you can see the option to format the card. The biggest thing to remember here is when you format the card you will lose everything — even pictures and videos which you may have protected will be erased. So you need to know that anything that is on the card has either been duplicated or is something you don’t want before you format your card. But if you are happy to do this then you click OK and it will format the card and prepare it for use by this camera.

The Dioptric Adjuster

The next thing to do is to look over the viewfinder and to see if what you can see through it looks sharp. If you don’t have 20/20 vision or if you wear glasses then even though the autofocus on the camera gets the picture absolutely sharp, when you are looking through the viewfinder it may look out-of-focus. By using that dioptric adjuster, which is right next to the viewfinder eyepiece, you can change the focus setting to match your eyesight. But remember that if you have the lens on autofocus the camera will automatically focus the image even if it doesn’t look sharp to you.

The Monitor Settings

If you discover the settings of the LCD monitor either too bright or too dark then you can change that by visiting SETUP BILL 2. Click on LCD settings and choose to either make it lighter or dark. However don’t forget that the optimum setting for checking exposure on the live view screen is level 4.

The Auto Off Setting

There is nothing more irritating than the camera switching itself off when you are still trying to prepare images. Whilst it helps to save the battery life it can interrupt your train of thought and slow you down. You can change how long it takes for the camera to turn off by visiting SETUP BILL 1 and choosing AUTO POWER OFF. Here you see you will have a choice between 30 seconds and quarter-hour and you can disable it completely if you choose. I find that setting it one minute is a good compromise.

The ISO Setting

The ISO setting copes with the awareness of your sensor to the light getting into the camera. The Cannon T7 will be on auto ISO setting to begin with which is very convenient in most cases. However you will want to control this at some point — not least because the ISO setting has a direct affect the standard of your image. It is easy to control the ISO with the Cross Keys. Press the top one labeled ISO and the ISO options will be on the LCD screen. As a rule of thumb ISO 100 to 400 would work for inviting or bright light, 400 to 1600 for overcast or dark and 1600 to 6400 for low-light and night-time shots.

File size and Data compresion

The next thing to consider is the file size and data compresion relation the Cannon 2000D will shoot a 24 megapixel file and that is a very good quality image. The JPEG data compresion rate will decide the standard of the image when it’s stored on your memory and also how many images you can save on your card. obviously it’s best to choose the best data compresion rate to make the option go into SHOOTING BILL 1 and go to the top choice which is image quality. I prefer to choose large file size and best data compresion quality..

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